Samsung To Introduce New 4K OLED Displays For Laptops!

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Samsung will soon introduce its new 4K OLED display panels for the laptops. From 8th and 11th January 2019, the CES event will take place where these panels will be displayed. Samsungs has manufactured all these OLED panels. And these will available for the OEMs across the world. Although, these will be available in three popular sizes: 13.3-inch, 14-inch, and 15.6-inch.

OLED DIsplays

Considering the Korean reports, Samsung is ready to launch its own OLED display panels across the globe. However, the company is already using a 12-inch OLED display panel with a lower screen resolution of 2K instead of 4K. Which is there on Galaxy Book 12 convertible. In fact, they were looking to implement the OLED displays panels on the larger screen size.

Samsung 4K OLED Display


As there are lots of laptops using OLED panels such as Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga is already using 4K OLED display panels. Although, Samsung is not the first to introduce the 4K OLED display laptops. However, it may become the first company to supply mainstream laptops at an affordable price with a 4K OLED panel.


Using the OLED panels may be beneficial for the Laptops manufactures. To have a better viewing angle and to use in awkward situations OLED display can be used. In addition, it emits the blue light of a lesser wavelength which will be easier for the long usage of the laptops. In fact, OLED display is slimmer than LCD and standard LED display panels. Which will provide an opportunity to implement these in the laptops and makes them better and also light in weight.

When compared with the LED and LCD panels the OLED panels consume less power. Also, the OLED display uses the precise colors which don’t provide strain to eyes. However, Samsung may announce the 4K OLED display laptop in the coming month. We can also expect to have a comeback of a Samsung laptop to India.