AnTuTu benchmark disappeared from the Play Store

Google has removed the AnTuTu benchmark from its Play Store, as well as related applications,
including Antutu 3DBench and AItutu Benchmark. AnTuTu is one of the most popular utilities
for measuring the performance of smartphones, tablets and other devices.

The link to download the application on the AnTuTu website has been replaced, now it leads not to
the Play Store, but to the apk file for manual installation. Thus, developers have secured themselves
so as not to lose new users.

The reason for removing AnTuTu from the Play Store is not known for certain, but it’s easy to guess
that it could be related to Google’s claims against the Chinese company Cheetah Mobile.
It is believed that she is the actual owner of the AnTuTu application, although the application
developers deny this.

A few days ago, Google removed over 600 Cheetah Mobile apps from the Play Store due to fraudulent
tools (such as ad clickers). On March 7, AnTuTu developers received a letter from Google informing
them that a connection had been identified between AnTuTu and Cheetah Mobile. AnTuTu has provided
a link to the Cheetah Mobile website in its privacy policy. In addition, Fu Sheng, Chairman of the
Board of Directors of AnTuTu, concurrently holds the position of CEO of Cheetah Mobile.
Now developers say that AnTuTu was established in 2011, and Cheetah Mobile has been one of its shareholders since 2014, and not the owner.

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